Welcome to a Wilderness of Lies

“It never occurred to me until recently that maybe a lot of people don’t like freedom. Maybe they are happy enough with Netflix, Trader Joe’s chardonnay, and serfdom.”

Source: AP Photo/Tom Copeland, File

by Kurt Schlichter

Well, this is going to be cheery. Have you noticed that everything is a lie and a scam? Everything.

See, the problem starts when our elite realized that it could break the norms and betray the principles that we all thought we were all abiding by without accountability, at least for a little while. The Establishment realized that it can simply not enforce the norms, and then there will be a lag time while the normals continue on as if the norms were still in effect. It’s inertia – this is why you get these sad sack RINOs lecturing us on how we’re subverting the institutions when what we are really doing is pointing out that the institutions have subverted themselves.

It’s willful blindness to the corruption because the weakhearts don’t want to admit there is corruption because that would then require them to act. It’s easier to live on scraps. Read the rest at townhall.com.

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  1. The Flash says:

    I always thought that Americans had more common sense and backbone than to succumb to such OBVIOUS corruption and lies. Of course, a complicit media bears a lot of the blame too. I’m saddened to see that my faith in my countrymen was misspent.

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