Dan Bongino is Leaving Twitter for Good (Pun Intended)

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Hannity: Joining us now with more Fox News contributor, uh Dan Bongino and, and he has been very public about. He’s a small investor. You know you got in very early. I’m jealous. You were smart, but more importantly, I want everybody on Twitter Dan, now anytime they tweet, I want them to hashtag and open up their Parler account as quickly as they can. And also tell, remind people, I’m moving from Twitter, I’m moving from Twitter to Parler. I’m moving a Parler or moving a Parler. I have a Parler account, but I’ll let you take it from here.

Bongino: Yeah I, I stopped posting on Twitter last night. I’m not closing my account, but I won’t be posting there anymore. Ironically this all happens today Sean. These Big-Tech, uh the Big-Tech big government symbiotic because that’s what it is. Um is now in an open war with free speech and civil liberties in America. Uh listen. I’m not making a First Amendment argument for you here. These are private companies. I’m making an even more dangerous argument that these tech companies are more powerful than the government and will have a more pernicious effect on civil liberties by engaging in open war with free speech like they’re doing right now.

I can back that up right now. At least with government you have a process if you’re arrested by the government or fined by the government there’s a process that’s, you know the law and order that’s the order component. You can get a lawyer and you can fight back. That’s not what you have. We have been threatened by apple with 24

hours notice with nearly no legitimate recourse whatsoever. Parler, that we’re going to be taken down from their site by a monopoly company that monopolistically controls its app store. Even worse twitter bans the President [of the] United States, while China is still posting about sterilizing Uyghurs, and the Iranians are running their Death to America account. And so the liberals laughing about this.

One more point I want to make on this because there are many go to any social media platform and you’ll see it to the Liberals who think this is funny. Remember famous last words in unprincipled revolutions not bed rocked in real principles and there are no principles here other than political ones: They’re coming for you. Next famous last

Words in the French Revolution were: “No, no I was on your side.” There is no side. This is a political attack, this isn’t a principled one, and they’re coming for you next. This fight’s coming to your door folks. Get ready you can’t avoid it.

Hannity: Alright, uh, well not letting the American people make up their own minds, uh if there’s anything we could do to help you, I support your efforts here and all your, your business partners, for freedom of speech, not

speech you even necessarily at times agree with that’s which is very clear. Um and I hope people go to Parler.com,

and I hope every time you’re on Twitter say “I’ll move into Parler, here’s my Parler address. Parler. Use Twitter to promote Parler. That’s what I say, because this is, this is just that’s right, unbelievable to me um that if this could happen Dan Bongino.


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  1. Joe Z says:

    We tried the soapbox and the lefties ridiculed us. We tried the ballot box and the lefties defrauded us. Is it time for the magazine box? Lock and load.

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