Life, Liberety & Levin 01-10-21 – Opening and Closing Statements

We don’t normally do on this program, although they do on others. I’m going to start the program with a very important monologue: Our Declaration of Independence and Constitution are being destroyed by the Democrat party and the media, and they want to destroy what’s left of it. We know this because the Democrats have announced their intentions. If the two neo-Marxist Democrats running in Georgia are elected to the Senate, it’ll be 50-50 and then the neo-Marxists, they hope purported Vice President of the United States, Kamala Harris. It’s not there yet, but they hope she’ll be the 51st vote for the Democrats. So by the slimmest of margins, they’re going to destroy our judiciary, they’re going to destroy separation of powers

They’re going to destroy the United States Senate by packing the United States Senate. We’re going to have a rogue legislature that will pass whatever it wants, anytime it wants, and fundamentally alter every aspect of this society. And then finally they want to destroy the Electoral College so Republicans can never win and Republican areas of this country have lost, in effect their franchise and their representation. That’s how serious this is. We’re standing at the precipice and we’re looking into the abyss, because this is the target. This is the target. The Democrat party never much liked the founding of this country. It never much liked the Declaration of Independence, and certainly not the Constitution…

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