Parler CEO Explains How Big-Tech Shut Him Down

Last night on Tucker Carlson Tonight John Matze, the CEO of Parler, the conservative alternative to Twitter, talked about how Parler was shut down by their web host, Amazon Web Services. The Parler app was removed from the Apple’s App Store and Google Play just days earlier. When he first heard the news that Amazon would no longer host his app, Matze thought that he would be able to quickly find another hosting service and that Parler would be back up-and-running in about a week, but he soon learned that he and Parler were a “hot potato” in this age of the Cancel Culture. Even Parler’s legal firm had abandoned him. Transcript:

Tucker: John Matze is the CEO of Parler. We’re happy to have him on the show tonight. John, thanks so much for coming on. I have to start at the end and ask you if it since you built this application as a kind of safe space for freedom of speech, did you ever imagine that Amazon Web Services could or would shut you down in an instant.

Matze: Thank you for having me on. Um I’ve theorized about it. You know we’ve definitely theorized about it you never think it’ll happen though, right, you know, and uh what’s really interesting is uh that they all did it on the same day, those three, without any prior warning. We woke up on Friday thinking business, well not ever business as usual Parler, but at least as close to usual as possible. We were number one on the App Store, We you know we had seven million, almost seven million unique people on the app that day, um, and we get a
notice, you know: “You’re in violation of our terms”, one after another. But we found out first in some cases, not from the companies, but from Buzzfeed. You know we didn’t get a notice from Google, we read it online in the news first, and uh that is shocking. And then after they set that example you know, we get an email after email.

You know it’s almost like you, you were just waiting. Who’s gonna be next dumping us? Everybody. The last thing we have right now is email, and I bet you within 24 hours our email will be shut off too.

Tucker: I just got to ask you, because I can’t, because I think this is a referendum on American society and where we are, and where we’re going. The left used to stand up for civil liberties. The famously moderate Joe Manchin approves of this. Apart from Glenn Greenwald and Michael Tracy, God bless them both, I haven’t seen any liberals stand up to Say: “Wow this is really scary.” Have you?

Matze: Um, I, I’m not sure. I mean, I, I’ve seen a lot of people say that this is scary, but I’ve also seen a lot of people who are participating in the five minutes of hate, and kind of egging it on, and cheering. And it’s disgusting, People threatening my life. I can’t go home tonight. So there’s this is really a lot, you know. This is not just, you know our civil liberties. They can shut down a billion dollar company, half a billion to a billion dollar company, that’s what we were getting valuations at, overnight.

Tucker: Are you going to be back up? Soon?

Matze: Uh, we will be back up eventually because we’re not gonna give up. Uh., but it soon is difficult you know. I thought immediately oh no problem. We’ll call up a new vendor, right? We call up the vendor, we’re all
good to go, and then right at the last second: “Sorry.” Somebody said something. We can’t host Dubai. And it’s been that one after another ever since then. Right at the last minute they just, they just bail. So we’re gonna do it, we’re gonna be back online one day, and hopefully soon as soon as possible, but um, this is a real challenge. we have to build our own infrastructure, our own everything in order to do it.

Tucker: Pirate radio, digital pirate radio, dark web. I hope so yeah, I hope we’re out of time. I hope john you’ll come back you will come back with a list of every corporate coward who bowed to pressure to silence you and
seven million other people on Parler.

Matze: You can bet I will and now almost 20 million people., now almost 20 million. And yes I will yeah i i won’t forget this day.

Tucker: great to see you john thank you.

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