This Morning I Realized That Everything was About to Change – The “Other” Dave Ramsey

The following essay appeared on Facebook:

From USA Today: …The Ramsey version of the essay may have been generated from a Jan. 6 post by Facebook user Dave Ramsey, who shares the same name as the radio show host but is not the same person. He reposted the essay — which has over 500 shares to date — but did not state that he was the author. In fact, at the bottom of the post, as with most versions of it, is stated, “Copied and pasted. I suggest you do the same!”

USA TODAY has reached out to him for comment.

Who is Dave Ramsey?

The other Dave Ramsey hosts “The Dave Ramsey Show,” a radio program with 14 million weekly listeners. He is “a conservative, fiscally and culturally,” Politico reported in 2018. The financial expert cautiously supported President Donald Trump’s tax overhaul, according to Politico. He also criticized Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s support for universal free public college.

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