Judge Jeanine 01-16-2021Opening Statement

On Saturday’s edition of Justice With Judge Jeanine, the judge talked about the failures of the FBI over the years, with special emphasis on the recent events that took place in out nation’s capital:

The biggest danger to the security of this country is the FBI’s failures. This federal agency has failed over and over again to snuff out crimes of which they have become aware. Crimes they fail to prevent, and crimes they failed to tell us about. The Federal Bureau of Investigation proclaims they gather evidence to solve and prevent crimes. Preventing crimes is the reason why people alert them and then feel protected. On the other hand, those at the highest levels of the FBI have proven themselves to be quite efficient at using the power we confer upon them to operate on a political level like dictators in third world countries.

First let me say as someone who’s in law enforcement for over three decades, one who created innovative programs copied all over the nation. This open gives me no joy, but what I’m about to say is shared by many especially at the local law enforcement level. Now for the failures it’s after the attack on our nation’s capital…

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