Biden Gets a Cold Dose of ‘Unity’

by David Siders  ♦  01/21/2021

One day into his presidency, there are already bracing reminders of the arduous task ahead, and the obstacles in Biden’s path.

The thesis of Joe Biden’s inaugural speech Wednesday was hard to miss: Eleven times he said the word “unity” or “uniting,” or about once every two minutes.

Yet within hours, official Washington was back in business. Read the rest at

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1 Response to Biden Gets a Cold Dose of ‘Unity’

  1. The Flash says:

    It’s been pretty clear that Biden, and the Democrats, idea of “unity” if making sure eveyrone bows to their narrative and agenda, and if you don’t they will de-list you, marginalize you, destroy your business or livelihood and maybe even, through their surrogates, burn down your business and possibly your home.

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