“Your Order Is a Direct Attack”: Native American Tribe Condemns Biden Administration

“Native American heritage celebration” (CC BY 2.0) by The U.S. Army

The day after Joe Biden’s inauguration on Thursday, January 21, a Native American tribe issued a letter to Joe Biden’s acting Secretary of the Interior, blasting his Secretarial Order that involves the suspension of delegations of authority on federal lands.

President Biden’s acting Secretary of the Interior, Scott de la Vega, is slammed by a Native American tribe for issuing a Secretarial Order No. 3395. Said Order “temporarily suspends delegations of authority regarding leasing and permitting on federal lands, with a significantly reduced staff able to approve such items. This order does not halt leasing or existing development, and at its face is a temporary measure, but is certain to create bottlenecks that last well beyond the 60-day limit on the order.” Read the rest at rightwingheadlines.com.

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