Federal Judge Blocks Biden’s 100-Day Deportation Freeze

by Jordan Davidson

A federal judge appointed by former President Donald Trump blocked President Joe Biden’s attempts to freeze the deportation of immigrants from the United States.

Texas Judge Drew Tipton’s order, reported by Reuters, temporarily suspends the Biden administration’s 100-day halt on deportations for at least 14 days and follows a lawsuit filed by the Texas Attorney General’s office.

“In one of its first of dozens of steps that harm Texas and the nation as a whole, the Biden administration directed DHS to violate federal immigration law and breach an agreement to consult and cooperate with Texas on that law. Our state defends the largest section of the southern border in the nation. Failure to properly enforce the law will directly and immediately endanger our citizens and law enforcement personnel,” Republican Attorney General Ken Paxton said in a statement. “DHS itself has previously acknowledged that such a freeze on deportations will cause concrete injuries to Texas. I am confident that these unlawful and perilous actions cannot stand. The rule of law and security of our citizens must prevail.” Read the rest at thefederalist.com.

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