Florida Real Estate Agent of the Year

I left New York for Florida in the 2020 pandemic and this is what happened to me.

Florida is reeling in new residents at a pace of 1,000-plus per day.

by Erin Sykes FOXBusiness

I haven’t given up on New York City, but the cons started to outweigh the pros on staying in the city full time as COVID hit in 2020. I still consider myself a New Yorker, albeit one who resides in the sixth borough, Palm Beach.

I have retained the New York grit, work ethic and get-it-done attitude, which actually serves me quite well in Florida, where many take a more relaxed approach to their careers.

Do I think the city will come back? – YES. In time. That said, having a flexible work schedule allows me to be productive wherever I am. Read the rest at foxbusiness.com.


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