Trump Moves Out of the White House and into Their Heads

“When again did telling your side to “fight” to prevail become “seditious”? Oh yeah – when our side did it.

Source: AP Photo/Alex Brandon

Opinion – by Kurt Schlichter

Donald Trump has left Washington, but only in physical form. His mischievous specter still haunts that fortified cemetery where our Constitution and all our alleged norms have been interred in shallow graves. No one is talking about America’s No. 1 Matlock fan. You would never know that * is president. DC’s denizen can’t move on. They don’t want to move on. Look what they have to move onto, two years of utter failure with that desiccated old zombie at the helm screwing this up until an energized and woke wave of GOP candidates who want to burn the whole garbage Establishment down sweep into power in 2022. Read the rest at

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  1. Joe Z says:

    Trump needs to get his ass back into the White House…pronto.

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