Sean Hannity 02-10-2021 – Pirro and Jarrett

Fox news contributors, authors and conservative television personalities Judge Jeanine Pirro and Greg Jarrett appeared on Wednesday’s edition of Hannity, discussing what else? Impeachment. Here’s the complete transcript:

Hannity: Here now the host of Justice, Judge Jeanine Pirro, Fox News legal analyst Greg Jarrett. Let’s go to the legal side of this. The double standard glaring, but on the merits, on the legality of the Constitution, judge.

Judge Jeanine: It’s not there, it’s absolutely not there. If you want to talk about political theater that they’re calling a trial for impeachment. First of all the fact that there isn’t even a judge of the Supreme, justice of the Supreme Court sitting there. And instead, you’ve got someone who is a senator who’s going to rip his quasimode, his quasimode robe off, and then jump down and vote as a juror. I mean it’s just absurd and in addition to that, you’ve got a snap impeachment where there’s no indictment, no bill of particulars. There is no incitement to, to insurrection, and ultimately what they’re doing is they’re taking a private individual after he’s left office seeking to, to impeach him from a job that he’s already left. and based upon free speech political rhetoric that both sides have used while the country is looking for vaccinations, help from the pandemic, trying to get their kids in school, and border patrol officers are telling us that they feel that their hands are being handcuffed by the administration. We’ve got all kinds of problems, and this is political theater that will go nowhere, that’s got no beef to it, and it’s not incitement to write it’s not incitement, insurrection, whatever that is. It’s a nothing burger.

Hannity: Your legal analysis, Greg Jarrett.

Greg Jarrett. This is the problem with impeachment. We saw it yesterday, we saw it again today. It is an inherently political exercise masquerading as a legal one. This bears no resemblance to fairness and justice that must be dispensed in a trial. There are no rules of evidence. There’s no standard of proof, there’s no adherence to the law and justice, and as a consequence you get these cleverly edited videotapes that would never be allowed in a court of law. Over and over again democrats play the words of Donald Trump, and they conceal the exculpatory evidence. The most important evidence of all, Trump telling the crowd to act patriotically and peacefully, to let their voices be heard not their fists or weapons. Nowhere did the President meet the definition of incitement. He didn’t encourage the crowd to breach security to attack police to threaten lawmakers to engage in acts of violence and destruction, none of that. If this were real trial, Democrats would actually have to present evidence of incitement. But they can’t present it because it doesn’t exist, and today they accused Trump, they said Trump should be convicted because he was wrong when he told his supporters that the election was stolen.

In America, I have news for Democrats: You have the right to be wrong and the right to express wrong beliefs. He just was echoing the comments of Stacey Abrams and Hillary, almost identical.

Hannity: That’s right thank you both. Judge thank you and thank you Greg.


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  1. Joe Z says:

    Watch Mike Lindell’s ABSOLUTE PROOF. Trump got 79 million votes to Beijing Biden’s 68 million. Jarrett sounds like he is saying that Trump was wrong. No Jarrett, Trump won the election…big.

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