Trans Female MMA Fighter Who Delivered ‘Life-Altering Blows’ to Female Competitor is ‘Bravest Athlete in History,’ LGBTQ Outlet Claims

by Sarah Taylor

A sportswriter for a prolific LGBTQ media outlet said recently that Fallon Fox — a transgender female MMA competitor who was biologically born a male — is the “bravest athlete in history.”

Fox, 44, once broke a female competitor’s skull during a 2014 fight.

What are the details?

In late January, Outsports contributor Cyd Zeigler praised Fox’s performance in the octagon and said that Fox is easily the bravest athlete in all of history.

Zeigler wrote, “She’s been inducted in the LGBT Sports Hall of Fame. She is an indelible part of LGBT sports history. And, maybe most importantly, she generated conversations an [sic] opened possibilities for trans athletes in women’s sports that will be felt for generations.” Read the rest at

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