Hannity 02-17-21: Mark Levin on the Passing of Rush Limbaugh

“The Great One,” Mark Levin, appeared on Wednesday night’s Hannity, to talk about the passing of Rush Limbaugh. Rush was literally, the founder of Conservative talk radio, and to say that he will be missed, would be a gross understatement. Here’s an excerpt:

I want the people watching to understand something. You were his family. He loved you. You could tell by the way. He got behind that microphone every day. You could tell he fought this cancer because he wanted to keep talking to you. He wanted to be with us. Magnificent family, David and Catherine were just fantastic, uh people, but he, he wanted to talk to his audience. This was his passion, this was his love, radio not TV, not writing. But that you should also know he was a voracious reader. He had a huge library. He would read the classics, he would read philosophy, he’d read about economics when he would prepare for his shows. Know what he did.

Many years ago, he had me at his house where he was broadcasting. They eventually forced him into a studio, that is the town, and he said: “Flea,”(the nickname that Rush gave Mark) sit next to me. So I sat next to him while he’s doing his radio show, and he had stacks of stuff. He made, he was like he was just perfection, and uh, he turned to me and he said: “You’re studying me aren’t you Flea? You’re studying me. I said: “Yeah, yeah I am.” And he said: “Do you want to get into radio?” I said, “No not really.” But I enjoyed watching him. I enjoyed watching you (referring to Hannity) as well.

I would call him, people have come up with a lot of names and rightly so. I would call him the Thomas Paine of our era. He didn’t have uh, you know the parchment, the brochures, but every day even bigger than Thomas Paine, he’ll be preaching the case for America. He was America’s spokesman. He be, he knew the Constitution backwards and forwards. He knew the Declaration backwards and forwards. He was self-taught. He didn’t like school because he didn’t like the bureaucracy, he didn’t want to be hemmed in. He was, he was he was an American. He wanted his independence and fell as many times as he did. He fell to the point where he wildly succeeded, and so he created this industry, nationally syndicated talk radio…

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