Dr. Sebastian Gorka On How We Can Defeat Cancel Culture

(PatriotHeadline.com) – Cancel Culture has affected all walks of life, and Dr. Sebastian Gorka recently explained how he believes we should all fight against it.

Speaking on the Breitbart News Daily program on SiriusXM recently, Gorka, who served as a senior aide to former President Donald Trump, explained why he believed leftists are trying to shut down conservative voices. He said:

“We could write a book about this. I don’t kiss and tell, but you’ve been on this issue from the get go. I’ve been very honest about it publicly,” he said to the show’s host, Alex Marlow. “It’s the reason I left the White House, and it was Breitbart that published my resignation letter. Read the rest at patriotheadline.com.

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1 Response to Dr. Sebastian Gorka On How We Can Defeat Cancel Culture

  1. The Flash says:

    The irony of all the fascist tactics now being used by the Left, is that they constantly call the Right, “fascist! I know this hypocrisy is well-known to everyone reading this comment, but there are millions of Democrats out there that appear to be SO self-unaware that they don’t see it. How could an otherwise intelligent person NOT see i?

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