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Hillary and the Coronavirus (2)

pic.twitter.com/Gok8ePl8GR — Danl Donovan (@tiatanman) April 6, 2020 ********** It’s been a week. Still no response, Sec. Clinton? Specifically, how many ventilators + additional needed medical equipment has the Clinton Foundation provided to Gov. Cuomo? https://t.co/eOuWZP6IBa pic.twitter.com/mLM5CqFSyc — Buddy Belk … Continue reading

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109 Media Mistakes in the Trump Era: The Definitive List

by Sharyl Attkisson ♦ January 22, 2019, Updated Dec. 31, 2019 We the media have “fact-checked” President Trump like we have fact-checked no other human being on the planet—and he’s certainly given us plenty to write about. That’s probably why … Continue reading

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Miller Time: Clinton Foundation

Dennis Miller opines on the O’reilly Factor on May 20th, 2015: “You know, the Clinton Foundation has more shaky donors than a blood bank next to a bus terminal.”

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Hill and Bill Can’t Hide from Shady Deals Exposed in “Clinton Cash”

By Kyle Smith  May 3, 2015 The Clintons have been playing the political press for idiots. Revealing what they’ve been up to took a little bit of work. It wasn’t obvious. While Bill Clinton was giving a speech about fighting … Continue reading

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