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I guess this is worth about 5,000 words! Hat tip: @THodgson2011 Hat tip: @THodgson2011 Advertisements

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Elderly Communist Survivor Blasts Gun Grabbers, Says Firearms are Critical to Keep Tyranny at Bay

“You don’t know what freedom is because you never lost it!” With a pointed finger Manuel Martinez called out Anti-Gun Committee Leader Floyd Prozansky during heated testimony [in Oregon] on Friday. You can bet Prozansky got the message. To quote … Continue reading

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Occupy Protester Throws Brick Off Roof, Hits One Of His Own

Dumb and Dumber Here are some “more college kids who want liberty” from the Marxist May Day protests.  This one is San Francisco.

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Milton Friedman Schools Phil Donahue on Capitalism and Greed in 1971

In the clip below, Phil Donahue is interviewing world famous economist, the late Milton Friedman, (1912-2006).  The interview took place over thirty years ago, long before YouTube existed.  The audience is notably silent most of the time and they seem … Continue reading

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