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Rehabilitated ???

Michael Cohen asked me to support his effort to be Chief of Staff when I helped run the Presidential Transition Team. He perjured himself today. — David Bossie (@David_Bossie) February 28, 2019

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BREAKING: Obama tells planet: Islamic State is NOT Islamic

In his prime-time speech to the nation on the eve of the 13th anniversary of the Sept. 11 terror attacks, President Obama vowed to “degrade and destroy” the Islamic State insurgency in Iraq and Syria with airstrikes and 475 U.S. … Continue reading

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Speaking Truth to Power – The Black Conservatives Fund

On Monday, April 14th former ACORN whistleblower and True the Vote spokesperson Anita Moncrief announced the launching of a new PAC, The Black Conservatives Fund: “I am proud to be on the board of a new PAC, The Black Conservative … Continue reading

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Obama Backs Off “Red Line,” Opens Door to “Diplomatic Track” on Syria

My my, it looks like Obama painted his red line with watercolors! President Obama on Monday took a sharp turn away from his “red line” threat to Syria on the eve of taking his case to the American people, saying … Continue reading

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Hoyer: ‘None Of Us Has Read’ the $1 Trillion Spending Bill

Post Continues Below Picture They Didn’t See Me (Or maybe they just didn’t listen) “I rise in strong support of this bill. I urge my colleagues to support this piece of legislation. None of them have read it. Not one … Continue reading

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The Debt Ceiling Masquerade

Attribution:                 Rome NewsTribune mas·quer·ade                                                                                                        A disguise or false outward show; a pretense: a masquerade of humility.                      An involved scheme; a charade.

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