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A Resurgence of Old-school Courageous Americans

by Lloyd Marcus Following the horrific El Paso and Dayton shootings, I boycotted media. As expected, Democrats and fake news media were despicably giddy, thrilled for another opportunity to push for disarming law-abiding gun owners and falsely demonizing Trump and … Continue reading

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When the Left Snatches our Kids

by Sally Zelikovsky I am skeptical that our efforts as conservative parents to produce conservative offspring will materialize.  Even with the best of intentions, the odds are not in our favor to successfully counter the Democrat-Media Complex, the educational system, … Continue reading

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Nine in Ten Conservative Activists Say Dump Boehner

By Mike Flynn July 23, 2015 The conservative activist group Citizens United is releasing a new poll of its membership, which surveyed some 4,000 activists across the country. Just two percent approve of the job Congress is doing. More than … Continue reading

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Trevor Loudon has Some Advice for Ted Cruz

Trevor Loudon, a New Zealand author, speaker and political activist, spoke at an event hosted by the Greater Orlando Tea Party on September 26th, 2014. In this short excerpt of his presentation, Mr. Loudon gives some poignant advice to a … Continue reading

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Bill Whittle at Defending the American Dream RightOnline (Video)

Senator Ted Cruz lead off last Saturday’s closing session of Americans for Prosperity’s annual Defending the American Dream/Rightonline conference in Orlando.  Next up was Bill Whittle.  While Senator Cruz is always a tough act to follow, Whittle absolutely took control … Continue reading

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Hey GOP: How’d That Gomez Running as a Democrat-Lite Thing Work for Ya’?

Lloyd Marcus, proud unhyphenated American, expresses the views of many Grassroots Conservatives in the following article: RINO Gabriel Gomez lost to Democrat Ed Markey in the special election to fill the Massachusetts U.S. Senate seat vacated by John Kerry.  I … Continue reading

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Andrew Breitbart on his Legacy “I want the left to know they screwed with the wrong guy!”

C.L. Bryant interviews Andrew Breitbart Hat tip: Cindy Cooper Youell

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TPX Florida Tour: Thousands Turn Out For Newt at The Villages

We were honored to have Tea Party celebrity and conservative activist, Lloyd Marcus with us here with us in Gainesville yesterday after the Tea Party Express bus tour in wound up their event at The Villages yesterday. Lloyd is one … Continue reading

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