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Five Stories The Media Was Afraid To Tell You This Week

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But Charlie, There is No Election Fraud in America.

But Charlie, there is no election fraud in America. Just ask any State or Federal #SecretaryofState or ranking Election Official. Also try #MainstreamMedia,Judges, Law Enforcement or #CountyAttorneys. It just aint so #sarcasm @realDonaldTrump @ScottPresler @WayneDupreeShow #pjnet pic.twitter.com/jRH2Se0qHL — Don Mashak … Continue reading

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True the Vote Sues to Audit the Allen West Recount

This information was forwarded to me by fellow Florida Alliance member, Kimberly Kelley (Tampa Vote Fair).  I had the pleasure of having lunch with Kim at the Florida Summit in Orlando earlier this month.  Kim has been working tirelessly fighting … Continue reading

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