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Something Else Obama Should Rename

1. Out: Mount McKinley; in: Mount Denali 2. Out: Animas River; in: Obama River pic.twitter.com/BxWZHSke92 — David Burge (@iowahawkblog) August 31, 2015

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If Obamacare is the Turkey, Why Are We Getting Stuffed?

Thanks a lot GOP: For eating your own and your capitulation. Look at where you have brought us! Written by Allen West on November 26, 2013 When a policy is failing how do President Obama and his acolytes solve the … Continue reading

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Patriots, There Ain’t Nobody Else But Us

Obama brings kids to the White House as props for photo-op and emotional appeal to unveil his illegal gun control plans. Obama despicably using kids to undermine the Second Amendment via executive order is a perfect example of why the … Continue reading

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