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Hysteria Over Cruz Illustrates What We’re Up Against

  By Lloyd Marcus, a proud unhyphenated American Wow! Can you believe how Ted Cruz is catching it from both sides in response to his powerful speech announcing his quest to win the White House in 2016? As expected, the … Continue reading

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The Constitution is Timeless

Recently, a leader of a major tea party organization received the following email from a well meaning liberal.  The point of his message was that in his opinion, our Constitution was a great work at the time it was written, … Continue reading

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Generation Gimmie

“As human beings we are not really responsible for our own acts, and so we need government to control those who don’t care about others.” – Valencia College student. Hat tip: Pat Wayman

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Recently, several have called for the municipal creation of Property Rights Councils (PRC). The argument is that government officials need input for this “special interest.” Paul Coble of Wake County, North Carolina argued for the establishment of a property right … Continue reading

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