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My Family’s Misadventures With Obamacare, Continued

By: Michelle Malkin 3/12/2014 06:00 AM Back in September, our family received an Obamacare-induced health insurance death notice. We joined millions of other Americans whose individual market health plans died after Democrats lied about our ability to keep the plans … Continue reading

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Congressman Gary Peters Lawyers Up to Silence Julie Boonstra

Post continues below video (Americans for Prosperity, Michigan)  February 22, 2014 LANSING – Today Rep. Gary Peters set his Washington DC legal attack dogs out to intimidate and silence Julie Boonstra, a Michigan mother battling leukemia who had the courage to … Continue reading

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Udall’s Office Pushed Back Hard on Number of Health Care Cancellations

By Todd Shepherd At the height of controversy surrounding President Obama’s promises on the federal health care overhaul, U.S. Senator Mark Udall’s office worked assiduously to revise press accounts that 249,000 Coloradans received health care cancellation notices. Because the 249,000 … Continue reading

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