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You Should Totally Trust Our Elite Institutions…Not

by Kurt Schlichter All you crazy kooks who doubt our accomplished and selfless elite and the institutions our elites manage are crazy kooks, willing participants in crazy kooky conspiracy theories that are both crazy and kooky. Also, Donald Trump was … Continue reading

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Jeffery Epstein ♦ Judge Jeanine August 18th, 2019

On her Saturday program, Judge Jeanine talks about government officials being literally “asleep on the job” in the Jeffery Epstein case and the possible corruption of the prosecutor in his previous “slap on the wrists”conviction.

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Suicide Watch

He was a narcissistic sociopath. That personality does not commit suicide! He was murdered. pic.twitter.com/dVkzmixMzL — Becca, CCA🔹 (@cca_becca) August 11, 2019

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