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Andrew Breitbart on His Legacy Just 10 Months before His Sudden and Untimley Death

  This interview with Rev. C.L. Bryant for runawayslavemovie.com was recorded in May of 2011 at Barney’s Beanery in Westwood, CA, near his home. Andrew tells CL how he would like to be remembered. More about the film Andrew appears … Continue reading

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Hide ‘D,’ Showcase ‘R’

By L. Brent Bozell III It is such common sense as to be undeniable that basic journalism requires a party label to be affixed to a story about an elected public official, the president excepted. It is the DNA of … Continue reading

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What Media Bias

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GOP House Leader Calls for Retaliating Against Media for Making Republicans Look Stupid

Everyone knows that the so-called Mainstream Media is a weapon of the Democrat Left.  Republicans are constantly crying about it.  Are you listening, Mr Speaker?  Well, here’s someone who is actually fighting back in a way the media will understand.  … Continue reading

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B!G Voices Media is Here Now

Introducing a new media platform.                                  This time the microphone belongs to US! No longer will the only reporting available be what is spoon fed to the public through a filter controlled by the mainstream media and elite paid political consultants … Continue reading

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