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Billboards Pop Up Around Virginia Amid Second Amendment Uprising: Bloomberg Gun Confiscation Starts In 2 Weeks

“A slew of pro-#2A [@NRA] billboards have started to pop up around #Virginia raising awareness of the radical anti-gun agenda that Dems in the state are prepared to impose on law-abiding citizens with the backing of Michael Bloomberg.” @RealSaavedra https://t.co/chwW8rmeBbContinue reading

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Michael Savage Raw and Unfiltered on Trump, Beethoven, & the Future of America Warns Senate GOP Cannot Be Trusted on Impeachment

by Joshua Caplan Conservative radio legend Michael Savage — host of the nationally syndicated show The Savage Nation and The Savage Nation Podcast — tackles a wide variety of today’s hot button political issues, including the House Democrats’ partisan impeachment investigation and the devastating … Continue reading

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Michael Bloomberg Loves China, Will Ban Guns and Big Gulps

by John Nolte While President Michael Bloomberg allows China to do whatever it wants, Americans will be stripped of their firearms, french fries, and Big Gulps. Oh, please run, Bloomy… Please, please, please run… It’s been fascinating to scan all … Continue reading

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Land of the Free? Not so much…

By Joe Wurzelbacher Today is one of those days I’m glad I’m old.  I may not going to live to see the complete destruction of the land of the free, a land where individual liberty is the hallmark of the … Continue reading

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Sugary Drinks – Bloomberg and Force

Mayor Bloomberg Wants to “Force You to Understand” that sugary drinks are evil.  Maybe the citizens of New York City should remind Mayor Bloomberg that he swore an oath to support both the constitutions of the United States and the … Continue reading

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