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Media Falsely Claims Tear Gas Used Against Rioters

by Mollie Hemingway The entire narrative the media glommed onto in lockstep was that Trump was a monster who tear-gassed peaceful protesters to do something meaningless. None of that was true. Following days of violent riots and looting in cities … Continue reading

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Hey Trump Supporters, How Dumb ARE You?

by Joel B. Pollak National Public Radio discussed the question Wednesday morning of whether President Donald Trump’s supporters were too loyal or “dumb” to support impeachment. Joshua Johnson, host of 1A, discussed the White House’s release of the transcript of … Continue reading

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How NPR Covers the GOP Presidential Primary Race | Scott Ott Thought – SATIRE

NPR has a reputation for fair, even-handed political coverage across the full ideological spectrum — from Left to far Left. Scott Ott Thought you might have missed this week’s public radio treatment of the first GOP presidential debate. So he … Continue reading

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