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Trump’s Base Did Not Show Up to Vote in Virginia. Why Would They?

By John Nolte Vox reports that rural white voters did not show up to vote in Virginia. Why in Heaven’s name would they? For 25 years, I have been a faithful Republican voter, and never, in all of those years, … Continue reading

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Jeff Sessions on Obamatrade’s ‘New Pacific Union’ – Like the EU

Something America Has ‘Never Seen’ Before by Matthew Boyle * 17 Jun 2015 Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) has issued yet another clarion call to House Republicans urging them to abandon GOP leadership’s desperate ploys to bring Obamatrade back to life … Continue reading

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Another Head Rolls to the Republican Establishment

Boehner Gets His Scalp By Harold Callahan – December 11, 2013 The Speaker of the House of Representatives got a scalp today with the firing of conservative congressional staffer and stalwart Paul Teller. For over a decade, Mr. Teller guided … Continue reading

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Cruz Walks Away With Straw Poll – Rubio, Ryan: Not So Much

Sen. Marco Rubio finished in fifth place with five percent of the vote in the Value Voters Summit straw poll yesterday. I guess his part in the Gang of Eight Amnesty group didn’t sit well with Conservatives. Budget whiz Rep. … Continue reading

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Dems lie about Repubs destroying Medicare and being against senior citizens, and… Our empathy lacking President

Liberal group’s Medicare ad shows Paul Ryan look-alike throwing Grandma off a cliff and misrepresenting Paul Ryan’s Medicare proposal in a cruel way. a Obama to Jane Sturm: Hey Granny, take a pill.  Sorry, we don’t need you anymore.

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Axelrod Stumped on Budget

Baer:  “It doesn’t take 60 votes, it takes 51.” Post continues below video Axelrod: “We obviously have to budget, and we do budget…”  (But not in well over 1,000 days.) “We’re going to continue to do the things to live … Continue reading

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