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James Woods – Free Speech Warrior

Reminder #FreeJamesWoodsNow #FreeSpeechWarrior #StopTheBias https://t.co/Oj98iIxEAZ pic.twitter.com/oT1xYcsvjf — GrrrGraphics Cartoons (@GrrrGraphics) April 30, 2019

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Why Did BuzzFeed & Co. Target Justine Sacco for Online Assassination

by John Nolte 21 Dec 2013 ***UPDATE: If you think, for whatever reason, that what happened to Justine Sacco is okay; I’m assuming you won’t have any problem with me watching your personal social media accounts, blowing up at Breitbart … Continue reading

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US Attorney Bill Killian: Posting Something Mean About Muslims on Social Media Might Be a Criminal Action Under Federal Civil Rights Laws

The First Amendment served us well for a time, but now it’s outdated. Remember reading that England had arrested a guy for anti-Muslim Twitter postings in the aftermath of the Woolrich slaughter? And remember thinking, “Well, this is America, that … Continue reading

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