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Yes We Can 2016 Vs. 2020

Obama ran under the empty platitude, “Yes we can!” As it turned out, he could do little besides carrying the ball for his Deep State central puppet masters. He certainly wasn’t going to end wars and government corruption. Instead, he … Continue reading

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Obama Creates Five New National Monuments

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Take Back OUR White House – Make this GO VIRAL

This is a new television ad sponsored by Americans for Prosperity.  They have spent $2.4 million buying TV time for this ad – It’s that good! But let’s not wait for people to randomly see it on TV.  Please post … Continue reading

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Republican Fear Empowers a Corrupt Obama

Corruption inside the Obama administration runs rampant. The list of scandals grows longer by the moment, with a new one popping up at an ever increasing rate. However, the Republican leadership empowers the corruption by refusing to fight. They fear … Continue reading

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The Bore-a-Thon (24 Hours of Al Gore)

Day-long Internet slide show fails to excite the planet I had a post last Tuesday, in anticipation of this monumental event.  I knew the whole world would be watching.  I was planning to view it as well, but at the … Continue reading

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