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Shutdown: National Parks

If the US-Mexico Border was a National Park… Would it be closed right now? #SpiteHouse #tcot http://t.co/rAvjJySvVI pic.twitter.com/hoZ6kU4Gqs — Alan Berkelhammer (@AlanBerkelham) October 7, 2013

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Illegals Yes, Veterans No

Last week it was OK for the Obama Regime to try to deny our World War II vets, our heros who are in their eighties and nineties, access to their memorial.  But now we’ve learned that the National Park Service … Continue reading

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The “Spite House” Inflicting Pain and Enjoying It

Here’s a summary of some of the “Spite House” Pain Brigade’s cruel tactics on the American people.  It’s ironic:  One would think that the president and his regime with all their obsessions with Obamacare and their sales pitch to show … Continue reading

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