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The Biden, Harris, Sanders Manifesto Compared With Stalin’s 1936 Soviet Constitution

In this segment of Life Liberty an Levin, Mark compares the new “Democrat manifesto to Josef Stalin’s 1936 Soviet constitution.  “I mean, they didn’t have to put this document out; they should have just grabbed the Stalin Soviet 1936 constitution, … Continue reading

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Joe Concha – Life, Liberty & Levin

Joe Concha, Part 1. Partial transcript:  Hello America, I’m Mark Levin. This is Life, Liberty and Levin. Welcome we have two great guests tonight. The topic is the American media. Joe Concha media reporter for The Hill and Brent Bozell. … Continue reading

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Josef Stalin Would Have Admired the U.K.’s Government-Run Healthcare System

Coming Soon to a Doctor/Hospital Near You! One of history’s worst butchers, Josef Stalin, is rumored to have said that, “The death of one man is a tragedy, the death of millions is a statistic.” Sadly, there’s probably some truth … Continue reading

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Why We Have the Second Amendment

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Are Stalin’s Prophesies Coming True?

Hat tip:  Bettina Viviano

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