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MARK LEVIN – Donald Trump Tax Plan Could Have Been Proposed by REAGAN

In this clip from Monday’s radio show, Mark Levin discusses Donald Trump’s new tax plan. He said that while there are certain things he disagrees with, that overall, it’s a “hell of a plan.” Below is a partial transcript, which … Continue reading

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It’s Not Fair – Obama’s Broken Record (Pun Intended)

The “Buffett Rule.”  Does anyone have any idea of how LITTLE money it would actually raise?

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Geography According to Obama

From theblaze.com:  Add this to the president’s gaffe list — you know, the one that includes the 57 states and the time he said he gave a medal to living soldier that actually turned out to have sacrificed his life. … Continue reading

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Anti-Capitalism Protests

Some lines from the below clip: Reporter to young anarchist:  “Do you have a job?” Young anarchist to reporter:   “No, I had one but I quit to come to the protest.” Young anarchist to reporter:  “If the rich were willing … Continue reading

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Tax the “Greedy Rich”

ABC News Interviews ‘Future President’ Who Wants To Tax ‘Greedy’ Rich “Property is the fruit of  labor.  Property is desirable, is a positive good in the world.  That some should be rich shows that others may become rich and hence … Continue reading

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