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Woman Misunderstands Deer Crossing Signs, Calls Radio Station, Wants Them Moved

by Sarah J. Clark FARGO, N.D. — You know those deer signs you see from time to time? After three accidents involving deer, one North Dakota woman wants them moved. Under the impression the signs are intended to tell deer … Continue reading

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OMG, How Could a Transcript be “Full of Lies?”

Definition of ‘transcript’: A transcript of a conversation or speech is a written text of it, based on a recording or notes  –  collinsdictionary.com. You have lied nearly 13,000 times since you took office. You literally tell, on average, 12 … Continue reading

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You Can’t Fix Stupid… But Should it Be Allowed to Vote?

This letter to the editor appeared in the online addition of the Carteret County (NC) News-Times last month.  It has since gone viral.  Letter to the Editor, published in the Jan. 23 edition.  After reading this letter, I couldn’t help … Continue reading

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Comedian Ron White Said it best: “You can’t fix stupid.”

Pelosi: ‘Is it the 11th Amendment? 14th? Whatever… I’m With the Constitution’ Breitbart.com

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